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True North was built by a team of researchers to empower you to author your unique story deepening your sense of purpose and belonging in everyday life.

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Tools for Finding Your True North

True North provides a collection of resources and tools to help you along your journey towards a deeper sense of purpose and belonging.


Stories that connect the dots between your past, present, and future


Tools and habits that support crafting stories of purpose


The relationships that help us travel further than we could alone


Notes that help you learn from your explorations

The Power Of Story

Cutting edge research shows that the more we think about our lived experiences as stories, the more purposeful and meaningful our lives become.

The most common story we apply to our lives is that of a journey – a story that connects the dots between your past, present, and future.

Purpose Journeys

Our research has identified four core stories–we call them purpose journeys–that lead to a sense of purpose and belonging.


The story of your aspirational best self


The story of what’s most important to you


The story of your growth and mastery


The story of the lasting impact you wish to make

Connecting the Dots: Future, Past, and Present

Each purpose journey shares the same narrative framework:

Envisioning the Future

Explore a future aspiration that’s personally meaningful

Reflecting on the Past

Revisit your past to find experiences that motivate your future aspirations

Acting in the Present

Craft an intentional action today that brings you closer to your future self

By embarking on these purpose journeys, you’ll learn the art of purpose crafting, enabling you to author your own unique stories as you continue on your education, vocation, and life journeys.

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